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New Commercial Property web site launch

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 30, 2015

Strikes are exited to announce the launch of their new dedicated Commercial Property Repossession site the sites contains more indepth information on the law surrounding commercial property repossession Commercial


Quick and Easy removal of Fly Grazing from your land

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 25, 2015

Fly grazing is the unlawful practice and name given to the grazing of horse on private or public land without the land owns permission. The horses are not always abandoned,


Protective Control Goods Agreement

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 20, 2015

Do you currently have tenants on pre arranged  payment plans? If so, you may not be protected against your tenants other DEBTORS! Strikes CS can protect you in case of


Commercial Property Repossession

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 15, 2015

Instruct us to repossess Strikes collection service offer competitively prices professional commercial repossession services when all other attempts to solve rent areas have proven unsuccessful. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire


B2B debt enforcement agency

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 10, 2015

B2B debt collection made easy. Strikes offer a highly professional and effective B2B Debt Collection and credit control service to commercial clients across the UK and abroad. Our multilingual staff


Traveller evictions don’t need to be a headache.

Category: Uncategorized | Date: Aug 05, 2015

Strikes are proud to announce the launch of their brand new dedicated Traveller evictions web site Private companies, landowners and local authorities have been trusting our team of enforcement