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B2B Debt Recovery Service

Strikes recover business debts for a variety of clients across the UK and Europe. We remove the burden of administrative duties in chasing invoices away from our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Our B2B Debt Recovery services are tailored to each individual case, from the initial letter and call contact, right the way through to mediation and negotiation. Every instruction receives a free Credit Report, allowing us to better understand the position your debtor is in and allowing us to adjust the way we work in line with all the relevant information.
Strikes have a number of legal partners, all ready to help with every claim if needed. In fact, if we do require the assistance of our legal partners, which is about 6% of cases, we have agreed preferential partner rates – saving you money.

Strikes understand that every client is different, every debt is different and every debtor is certainly different. No 2 instructions are the same.

Our Debt Recovery services are completely tailored in there approach. From the initial discussions through to collecting the debt, much due diligence and research is carried out behind the scenes, meaning we can assist you in making informed decisions. 

Strikes offer a tailored approach to each client and their debtors through 3 different service types.

Service One – Letter Before Action / Late Payment Demand – £12.50 plus VAT

Ideally suited to large volume debts, or for basic instructions. Where the company is a Limited organisation or Partnership, we send a Notice via email and registered post to the Debtor. Your bank details and contact details are on the Notice meaning they debtor will pay you directly. This is a 7 day notice only. Client deals with any calls, queries. This is an excellent service for those clients that want to get a reaction, simply get the debtor talking, or for those who believe the action could go as far as court and therefore need to start the process.

 Service Two – Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claim – £17.50 plus VAT

Where the debtor is an individual. Notices are sent via registered post. Following the rule changes on 1st October 2017, the debtor is afforded 30 days. Similar to Service One in that all the clients contact details and bank details are on the Notice. Meaning they deal directly with yourself. An effective start to the process of securing your money.

Service Three – Full Consultative Debt Recovery Service – From as Little as 2% Fees

This service is fully tailored to the Client / Debtor. Strikes manage the whole process, dealing with all calls, emails, queries etc. There is no limit to the work we do, and no hidden charges. Where possible (Limited Company and Partnerships) a full credit report is provided. Full due-diligence is carried out on the debtor allowing an informed decision by both the client and Strikes on the best course of action. This service is suited to larger debts, more difficult debts or those that are simply won’t payers not can’t payers.

If you are unsure as to which Service would suit you, please do not hesitate to call Strikes’ Debt Recovery team on 01133 229555

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The Benefits of using Strikes

Every job actioned within 24 hours

Unlimited calls and emails

Combined industry experience over 70 years

Dedicated client accounts

All letters and documents written by solicitors

Fully insured with public liability of up to £2m

Instant CHAPS payments when we receive monies

Recovery of debts up to 6 years’ old

Why use a commercial debt collection Service?

It incentivizes your debtor to settle quickly

You can focus on other elements of your business

Reduce stress and internal administration

Collect interest

Improve cash flow

Benefit from legal advice

Cheaper than an in-house department