Property Debt Collection

Leaving your debts in our capable hands means you can focus on your core business while we recover outstanding funds that are rightfully yours, in an effective and professional manner.

Strikes Property Debt Collection Services understand that when your tenant owes you money, it can have a real impact on your business finances. We understand the need for the situation to be handled with discretion and professionalism in order to recover the outstanding amount at the earliest opportunity, whilst also maintaining the landlord and tenant relationship. With often changing laws, and leases to consider, it is imperative that debt collection is carried out in the correct manner to maximize a successful outcome for both parties.

Our wide range of Property Debt Recovery solutions allow us to build strong, ongoing relationships with our clients, and we’re always happy to offer you no-obligation advice regarding legislation and the best approach for your circumstances.

Our team are experienced in collecting your property debts. Combined we have over 120 years experience in doing so. Whether it is outstanding Landlords insurance, Service Charges, Electricity, or maintenance, our Debt Recovery team act in a professional manner at all times

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The Benefits of using Strikes

Fast and professional service guaranteed

Up-to-date advice based on current laws

National and international service

Act upon receipt of your instruction

Act with discretion and respect at all times

Monies recovered transferred to you without delay

Out of hours’ service available

Costs incurred recovered, in most cases, from your debtor

We recover:

Service charge arrears

Ground rents


Insurance costs

Utility arrears

Maintenance fees