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High Court Enforcement (CCJ)

We are able to transfer any County Court Judgement (CCJ) over £600.00 into a High Court Writ of Control for enforcement, as long as the debt is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

For a judgement enforcement all you pay is the Court Fee (which is currently £66.00) for obtaining the Writ of Control.

Instructing us is simple – all we need is a copy of the sealed judgment and any further information on the debtor you have, along with an instruction form.

Once we receive the Writ, we issue the debtor with a Notice of Enforcement. If the debtor does not pay, our Enforcement Agents visit the debtor to either collect in full or establish a payment plan and Take Control of Goods.

Our team will then report to you on the progress and advise of the current situation and your options.

All costs are added to the debt and paid by the debtor upon successful recovery of your monies, along with £111.75 costs of execution under the Writ and any interest.

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