Repossesion Orders

Strikes specialise in repossession and the safe and legal removal of trespassers, squatters, and non-paying residential tenants from illegally occupied land or buildings throughout England and Wales.

On being granted the Writ of Possession Order, our High Court Enforcement Team will attend within 24 hours to evict anyone in the premises. Strikes operate nationwide and are able to deploy fully trained specialists to attend to your case, regardless of the requirements or disputes. During our first discussions with you we will ascertain your needs, conduct a risk assessment, and put an operational plan in place with you. We do all the legwork, meaning you can relax knowing your issues are in safe hands. We always inform the local police, obtaining a reference number, and update them every step of the way. Call us on 0113 3229555 or email for more information.

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The Benefits of using Strikes

Every job actioned within 24 hours

Unlimited calls and emails

Combined industry experience over 70 years

Dedicated client accounts

All letters and documents written by solicitors

Fully insured with public liability of up to £2m

Instant CHAPS payments when we receive monies

Recovery of debts up to 6 years’ old

Why use a commercial debt collection Service?

It incentivizes your debtor to settle quickly

You can focus on other elements of your business

Reduce stress and internal administration

Collect interest

Improve cash flow

Benefit from legal advice

Cheaper than an in-house department

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