Commercial Repossession

Strikes offer competitively priced professional, commercial repossession services when all other attempts to resolve rent arrears have proven unsuccessful.

Our experienced and certificated Enforcement Team are located across the country in order to serve clients in England and Wales and conduct repossessions, ensuring that immediate verbal confirmation of success is given followed by a written report within 24 hours, including a detailed inventory, meter readings, and photos.

Our Debt Recovery Team follow through – taking immediate action to recover the related debt and ensuring a smooth transition of services and faster resolution.

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Our service includes:

Arrangement of experienced locksmith

All locks replaced, like for like

Notice of Forfeiture clearly displayed

Torts Notice clearly displayed – then posted by recorded delivery to your tenant

Immediate verbal confirmation of success

Written report supplied with 24 hours – including damage report and meter readings

Detailed inventory and photographic evidence

Body worn cameras on all instructions

Police notified beforehand with a ref number obtained

Keys sent recorded delivery – same day

Fast action to suit your requirements

Fast action to suit your requirements

Advice and guidance at every stage

Great rates and quality service

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