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Fly Grazing Removal

Fly Grazing is the unlawful practice and name given to the grazing of horses on private or public land without the landowner’s permission. The horses are not always abandoned, the land is simply being used illegally.
Fly-Grazing has increased in recent years and has spread throughout the UK, with many horses at risk on unsuitable or unsafe land due to unlawful Fly Grazing practices.

Presently the law states Fly Grazing issues concerning private landowners should remain a civil matter.   Our Enforcement Agents provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to Fly Grazing.

The laws that apply to Fly Grazing situations are not always clear, and in some circumstances, the owner of the land that the animals are on can be held liable if the animal escapes and causes damage or is itself harmed.

Our experienced eviction team allow us to manage each individual case efficiently and professionally, to the client’s satisfaction. Upholding the law as the main priority every time.
It is important to note that if a horse or livestock is is abandoned on your land under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 you will be responsible for that animals should its welfare be compromised. First, you must determine whether the horse has actually been abandoned – the owner must be given a chance to come forward to claim their animal before you make alternative arrangements for the horse’s future.

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