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Strikes recover debts for a variety of client across the UK and Europe. We remove the burden of administration away from our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Our B2B Debt Recovery services are tailored to each individual case, from the initial letter and call contact, right the way through to mediation and negotiation. Every instruction receives a free Credit Report, allowing us to better understand the position your debtor is in and allowing us to adjust the way we work in line with all the relevant information.
Strikes have a number of legal partners, all ready to help with every claim if needed. In fact, if we do require the assistance of our legal partners, which is about 6% of cases, we have agreed preferential partner rates – saving you money

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Why use a commercial debt collection Service?

It incentivizes your debtor to settle quickly

You can focus on other elements of your business

Reduce stress and internal administration

Collect interest

Improve cash flow

Benefit from legal advice

Cheaper than an in-house department

The Benefits of using Strikes

Every job actioned within 24 hours

Unlimited calls and emails

Combined industry experience over 70 years

Dedicated client accounts

All letters and documents written by solicitors

Fully insured with public liability of up to £2m

Instant CHAPS payments when we receive monies

Recovery of debts up to 6 years’ old

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