Writ of Possession – Trespassers & Squatters

Having squatters and / or trespassers on your land or in your buildings can be a very stressful time that can lead to significant costs without swift action.

Our agents will attend the property, often the same day as instruction, and carry out a full Risk Assessment, Serve Notice on the occupiers and inform the police.

If they fail to leave it will require obtaining a Writ of Possession, our preferred supplier Solicitors will then begin the process of this on your behalf. Our solicitors will then assist in the service of documents, the issuing of a claim and possession proceedings.

Once the Order for Possession is obtained, it is then handed back to us, for the uplift for a High Court Writ of Possession.

Throughout the whole process, our team keep you updated, meaning you have peace of mind that things are progressing as efficiently as possible.

For further information or to instruct us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01133 229555 or via email, chris@strikescs.com or joe@strikescs.com

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